So we met!

enter site “Technology can change your life”. I can make this statement because it did for me.

Forex trader bg jobs We met through a matrimonial website. I expected it to be a regular First date-few more dates-Parents-shaadi kind of a story with a lot of melodrama. But that was not the case. Not at all.

rencontre gratuite 971 This is our story. It has to be different. So, I will start again.

click We met through a matrimonial website. We instantly liked each other’s profile but decided to give time to ‘The-Decision’. He was in Mumbai and I was in Bangalore, approximately 1000 km apart. So no quick first date. But after 2 months of non-stop chatting (thanks to Whatsapp, Hangout and other free messaging services), we finally decided to meet. What a meeting it was! He took me for dirt biking and long drive and swept me off my feet instantly. I became a fan that day and I continue to do so. Even after 8 long months (As per Aug-2017) the situation is not entirely different except the fact that we are in a Steady Relationship and trying to stage our parents for their first meeting (finally!). And soon it may lead to the melodrama part.

radiocarbon dating differential equations Since first moment what keeps us bound to each other was our Limitless-Monotonous Love for Travel. Travelling is not our passion, it’s a way of life. Our way of Life and we are planning to live at the edge of it. Together.

follow link Before we met!

Make easy money assassin's creed 3 My name is Pramila Bharti. I grew up in a family where school-holidays are synonyms to prolonged travel plans. I have been to nook and corner of India, starting from Srinagar to Kanyakumari, from Tawang to Gandhinagar, thanks to my dad’s immense love for travel. I decided to continue the family tradition and dedicate my life to travelling zealously.

rencontre femmes russes au mariage que parlant le français My travel (tickling) partner’s name is Ketan Khope, a charming but not so innocent guy from Pune Maharashtra. Being a Pisces, he was always drawn to water but finally fell in love with the serene beaches of Udupi, a small town in coastal Karnataka. But after he traveled to exquisite Vietnam, learned about their history & culture, witnessed their lovely beaches – he discovered another way of lifestyle called ‘travelling’. And then there was no turning back.

click He is a ‘6am-Traveler’ and I am a laid-back Lazy bum. And here we are presenting our unusual Love Travel Story …

Pramila and Ketan - Tickle Partners

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We tied the knot on 4th Feb 2018 at Pune, India and decided to travel together for next ‘Saat-Janam’. Stay Tuned for our exciting travel stories.